Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What's the recipe today , Jim ?

There was a radio presenter called Jimmy Young on BBC radio 2 some years ago who used to have a recipe section and his catchphrase was.... "What's the recipe today, Jim." and it just popped into my head as I started this post. The plan is to record what I eat this week and see where I am with my healthy eating plan. So here goes :

Monday :-
  • breakfast :- Porridge with fruit and seeds. No time to juice as my daughter missed the school bus and I had to take her in.
  • lunch :- Hummus, salad, sweet chilli jam and olive sandwich on wholemeal bread. Possibly the best sandwich in the world !!! I spend Monday's at Harlow Carr learning how to garden and there is a little sandwich shop nearby who make The Best Sandwich I have ever had !! It's a treat and I don't have one every week (because of the chilli jam, and because if I'm organised I bring a salad I make myself ).
  • dinner :- Mashed potato, peas, and prawns. I'm trying to eat more raw food, but I was in Waitrose trying to find organic peppers and thinking of what to have for supper, and just thought of this great simple recipe I used to make ages and ages ago - in another life! - I think I needed comfort food last night and it worked a treat. Anyone with teenagers will understand that once in a while a mother needs some comfort and if the way to get it is through a little mashed potato, then so be it.
  • throughout the day I drank water and 'Vitalise' pukka tea, and took vitamin C.

I will keep posting an update this week and it might clarify what I'm doing and where I can improve. So keep watching this post as I'll edit it each day.

Oh, nearly forgot !! I went into the garden centre yesterday - lethal - and bought lots more packets of sprouting seeds to restock my fridge while the seeds are fresh in . I'll fill a few jars and soak some today to start them off. I also bought some more wheatgrass seeds, though there is a cheaper way - buy in bulk ! - so I can get them started off for when I use up the grass that's still growing. It's the forward planning that I find difficult. I lack concentration and just can't seem to think further ahead than a day or so. It just seems too much trouble for my poor head.


  1. Hi Jill,

    Thank you for your wonderful comments.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    I've got chemo this morning, so this will have to be a short visit ... for now.

  2. Jill,

    I'm up at this odd hour because of the steroids.

    I have read your blog and from start of finish ... I think your write very well and offer some really good information.

    I'm going to look into some of the podcasts and I'm interested in your organic diet.


  3. Thank you Daria for your encouragement and kind feedback. I really appreciate it. It's daunting going public with this, but your kind words have reassured me. And thanks for being a follower !