Saturday, 7 March 2009

Some Interesting Podcasts

I have found some interesting podcasts on itunes which you can download free of charge. I download them onto my ipod and I can listen to them at any time and anywhere. I'll list some of my favourites here. They're in no particular order. There are others I subscribe to , but in honesty there just isn't enough time in the week to listen to them all.

TED Talks - TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design. There is both a video and an audio version and I subscribe to both. This is , in my humble opinion FANTASTIC !! I feel in touch with the world, and in a positive way. I don't read the papers or watch the news, because by and large it is so depressing. So this is a way of being informed about what's going on in the worlds of technology and design, and in a very positive educational way. Have a look if you haven't seen it yet. It's terrific.

Listen To The Lancet Oncology- a monthly podcast which has highlights of the current issue of the magazine. I did subscribe to The Lancet podcast, but found little that I wanted to listen to. I always read the 'podcast information' before listening so that I don't waste my time and so that I don't expose myself to something that is not beneficial.

All In The Mind - a podcast about the mental universe - the mind, brain and behaviour. This is a fascinating podcast by Natasha Mitchell for Australian radio, which focuses on the workings of the brain. I find it very positive and uplifting. It is amazing to learn how the body works and how strong our urge to live and survival skills are.

Dave Weekly Vodcast - This is a humorous and lighthearted weekly video podcast from Dave tv.

Learn To Meditate - From the Meditation Society of Australia

Raw Pirate Gourmet - I like this couple ! These are video shorts and I would call it raw food for idiots - me being the idiot ! They make it easy and do-able, and inviting, and I feel that I can do what they've shown me.

The Renegade Health Show - This is another video podcast that is presented by an enthusiastic young couple who introduce you to the raw eating lifestyle. It has a home made feel, but what they lack in polish they more than make up for in enthusiasm and passion.

Rawkin Radio- Revvell P Revati hosts this podcast where she interviews people who have adopted the raw eating lifestyle. There are some really interesting speakers, and it is a motivational and inspiring podcast for times when I forget that there are people in the world who eat this way.

Sotheby's Private View - a video podcast on the visual arts because man does not live by bread alone !

Universal Everything/ Forever/ Feed- an installation artwork from the Victoria and Albert Museum . Effectively a screen saver, but pretty and relaxing to have on screen.

We Like It Raw - There's an interview with Kris Carr, cancer survivor, and other interviews, again on the raw eating lifestyle.

Meditation - Overcoming Stress - a podcast by Roy Masters

Meditation Oasis - by Mary and Richard Maddux

Personal Growth Podcast - which has excerpts from various classic and contemporary self development audio books.

Stand Up Comedy -

Jonathan Ross -

Best Of Chris Moyles -

Steve Wright In The Afternoon -

Ultrawellness TV - Your Guide To Lifelong Vibrant Health And Vitality -

There are many more - many on science and humour, and many other subjects. It's amazing how much information is freely available on itunes.

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