Friday, 9 November 2012


It's months since I last posted on this blog, so I thought I should come back on and give an update.

Firstly - I've had another scan and the results show the cancer is still stable . Yippee !! Great news. Be better if it were gone, but I'll take what I can get. I'm still thriving and striving !

Secondly - there's a cancer summit going on at the minute over the internet. the address is

It's running for the next few days. The webcast is live at 8PM New York time - that's 1AM English time !  There are a series of talks over the next few days. You have 24 hours to listen to each one and then the next one is broadcast. And there is the option to purchase if you want to hear it again, or miss some. Kris Carr and Dr. Gonzalez broadcast yesterday. If you want more information follow the link. Kris Carr spoke a lot of sense, and Dr. Gonzalez referred to his enzyme protocol. While after listening to him and being reminded of things I had forgotten I wanted to sign up for the enzymes I do feel that there are many ways to skin a cat. There are common elements to all these healing regimes, and my approach is to follow those. I'm not looking for a magic bullet because I suppose I don't believe there is one. Just a healthy lifestyle. And both yesterdays speakers were talking about just that. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the speakers. I have forgotten so much of what I Iearned when I was actively researching. I think at the 6 year mark it's a good time to refresh my memory.

Thirdly - I've signed up with Ross at Energise For Health to follow an alkaline diet regime which he is doing over the internet. I've let things slip and I feel the need for some connection to help me get back on track. He's created an online community over there. It's clear that an alkaline body is a healthy body and Ross is all about alkalising. His website is full of interesting information. You can have a look for yourself at


Fourthly - I've enrolled on a dress making course. I'm just getting back into sewing and when I feel a little more comfortable I'm going to get to work on a mastectomy nighty pattern. I am so sick and tired of my nighties and how I look in them on a morning ! There must be a better solution than no mirrors and black out curtains !!! It's really not quite as bad as that !  I'm also signed up on a course at English Couture in a fortnight to do a bra making course.  It's in Liecester, so involves staying away from home for a night, so it will be a bit intense. I'm looking forward to being able to have some pretty bra's - and I'm intending to do some matching pants too . Luxury !!! I follow a few sewing blogs and some of the unerwear that they make is just  Amazing, Darling ! I'm hoping mine will be too.

Finally - The allotment is getting ready to hibernate over the winter. I haven't sown any seeds, and the intention is to cover my weeded and dug over beds in membrane ready for an early start next year. I spent most of this year just weeding and chasing my own tail. So I plan an early start next Spring.

That's all I can think to update on.  I have no pictures. I've forgotten how to add a photo and my daughter is away at Edinburgh University so she can't help me. I'll have to write myself an instruction manual when she comes back for Christmas. Speaking of which - isn't it coming quickly !!! But that's nice since it means my girl will be home for 3 weeks. She's settled in really well, and I've adjusted to her being away, but I do miss my mothering role.  And I do miss her !

To anyone reading I wish you health, happiness and a great today !