Wednesday, 27 November 2013

November 2013

A quick post to confirm that I am still alive and kicking !!  I'm trying to get on with life rather than write about it - hence the lack of blogposts. It's also difficult to write when you have nothing of note to write about.  But for those who are interested I'd like to confirm that I am well and continue to manage my tumours / cancer. I have just had the results from my latest scan and all seems to be stable, though the tumours do move and rotate - is that scary or what !  And whilst there is an area that is apparently growing slowly, we don't know what it is. ( it has a different signal to my other tumours, so is hopefully benign ) So the decision is to wait and watch. It could be a small fatty lump, and I am hoping that is indeed what it is. So all is well and I can breathe for another 6 months.

I am not so flippant about this as I may appear. Really I'm not. But there's nothing really to do about it. Just count my lucky stars that I don't need aggressive treatment., and that despite expectations I am still here. So I'm getting back to a more restrictive diet and a steadier, stress managed lifestyle. There's no sense in continuing the slide that time and complacency has taken me on. It isn't easy living mindfully and healthfully all the time , I can tell you. But, if it buys me more life it has to be worth the effort. I am finding it hard to manage my mind at present, and that's the truth, but I am putting a lot of effort into it, so I am sure that calmness and peace of mind will eventually be my normal again. I'm experiencing a slight interruption to service - nothing more.

Updates to my attempts at fashioning a mastectomy nighty. -
                 Sadly I don't consider my efforts so far to be universally successful. I lost the muse for a while in face of the complexity of the task. Perhaps now that the days are short and the nights are long I will reclaim it and muster up the energy to try again. As the man who invented the lightbulb is reputed to have said - I've come up with a number of ways of how not to do it. I just need to keep trying so I can come up with a way that does work.

Update to Gardening -
               I have veg in the ground. But I've been feeling very tired this summer and didn't get down to my allotment so much. Now I'm mightily embarrassed to go down there ! But I do have brassicas to harvest ! Organic, fresh, living veg. They call to me !

I can't think of anything else to report. So until next time I wish anyone reading this a very healthy and happy half year till I report in again.