Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Eating Plan

Wednesdays eating plan is as follows :-

I've had juice and porridge for breakfast and have just made a large salad of avocado, yellow pepper, cucumber, mange tout, cos lettuce, and broccoli florets for lunch along with a chamomile tea. For dinner the plan is to have courgette pasta with pesto sauce, guacamole and salad.

Thursday's plan for dinner is Veggie Nut Crumble and salad.

Fridays plan is for Simple Veggie Burgers and salad, though we will also get in Fish and Chips for our guests. Friday night has been fish and chip night in our family for ages and ages.

The recipes are all coming out of Pat Reeves book " A Living Miracle ". They are very simple and don't require sprouting or dehydrating and sound quick and easy to prepare. I'm saving some others for next week when my seeds have time to sprout. I've also tried one of Pat's recipes for nori rolls using nuts and vegetables. The consistency and mouthfeel was surprisingly similar to rice sushi. I used too much lime juice, but I've learned and they are definitely worth trying again.

I don't want to plan any further ahead at this stage. I'm going to an art workshop on Saturday and Sunday with Carole-, my sister in law and a vegan lunch is provided. We'll just see how we feel when we finish each day. I'll post later with my results.

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  1. Oh Jill, I wish I could follow your lead with your eating style. I'm getting chemo and my mouth, taste buds, and appetite are all affected by the drugs. I used to love salads but now they don't feel good or taste good in my mouth. My eating habits are atrocious right now ... but I don't know what to do to get control of them.

    I hope your blog will inspire me to make some small changes and improve my eating habits.

    I may take some time ... I'll just keep reading your posts.