Thursday, 12 March 2009

Tuesday / Wednesday

I'm having a difficult week and my eating plan isn't quite going to plan. However, I've committed to this and I'm determined to be truthful. After all, how else could this blog be of use to motivate me if I cheat when I write on it ? So here's my days eating for the past two days and my sorry excuses.

  • breakfast :- I didn't have breakfast. My weaselly excuse ? Chris, my husband had accidentally put on two different suits before leaving the house - the jacket of one and the trousers of another. Having an important meeting in the afternoon, he couldn't be seen in this odd combo and asked if I could meet him halfway and deliver his jacket. He's a busy man who works hard to fund my drug habit ( essiac, vitamins, enzymes, vegetables for juices, and other weird and wonderful potions ! ) and I offered to go into Leeds. However, he was happy to meet me half way, but it still threw my morning schedule out and I did without my breakfast of champions.
  • lunch :- I had a GREAT, FANTASTIC, LIFE ENHANCING lunch at my friend Rosie's. She went to loads of trouble and made me and Sue, her sister in law and my new friend a three course lunch which was out of this world and which I'd expect to get at the SAF Restaurant in London, which I've only heard about, or at any Michelin starred restaurant you could name. I am so Lucky to have Rosie cook for me and act as my mentor in all things raw. I took a photo, but will keep you waiting till I can figure out how to post it !!! Anyway, you're wondering what I had. We started with a cold tomato soup. This was followed by guacamole mousse in an aubergine pashmina (my description ), noodles (I can't remember the vegetables, but will ask Rosie ) coated in a wonderful sauce (who knows what secret ingredients were in there, just Rosie's wonderful alchemy of flavours based around avocado ) and salad. It was divine. For Dessert - what decadence ! we had raspberry cheesecake ( made with raw nuts ) and raspberry coulis adorned with pomegranate seeds. This was followed by gunpowder and ginger tea I think. It doesn't matter what's in Rosie's food it is always special and life giving. And very, very elegant. Are you drooling? I am just remembering it. I think this made up for not having breakfast and I probably enjoyed it more because I was hungry. And there was loads ! I'm ashamed to say I stuffed myself. If you're reading Rosie, Thank You. We had a great time, the three of us putting the world to rights and I couldn't have had a nicer afternoon.
  • Dinner :- Not even close to how great lunch was. I had a little cooked wheat pasta - that's what I threw together for my family - with raw-ish pasta sauce and a large salad. Quick and easy and I did have a lot more salad.
  • Juicing :- Sadly I didn't juice for the second day running because my morning schedule was unexpectedly changed.

Wednesday :-

  • breakfast :- porridge with seeds, apricot kernals, cinnamon and apple.
  • lunch :- OK. I admit it. I didn't have lunch. I stayed in all morning, firstly having an email argument with D&A, both mine and my daughters optician, about replacement lenses for Rosie. She's dropped, damaged, and I think lost her last pair of contact lenses and I needed her to have new ones - so that she can see at school. (she's also been in a dreadful mood lately and this could be contributing to that. Heaven knows I'm in a bad mood when I can't see !! ) It was akin to road rage ! Well, slight exaggeration ! But I wanted to make my feelings known - they wanted to charge me an exorbitant amount when I feel we're already paying a fortune yearly - £240 a year! Am I mad or is this a lot ? Is a replacement pair too much to ask ? Anyway I sent off a heated email. Then I saw my Macmillan nurse, Steve who is fantastic and I was calmed the moment he walked in the door. We chatted and I felt better - Oh and he gave me an INSTANT de-stresser and I'll post about it later. Anyway, when he left I got ready and went out without eating. Why did I rush out ? What sorry excuse have I got ? I went shopping. Retail therapy, except it wasn't really therapy. Rosie needed jeans for the weekend ( and a warm sweater but I'm not going into that ! Teenagers !) So I spent the afternoon hunting for a selection of jeans for her to try. Personal Shoppers do not have an easy job when they're shopping for the tastes of the fashionista's !!! I think they must earn every penny. I did manage to get two pairs out of the many I brought home which passed muster. And that, dear friends, is why I missed lunch.
  • Dinner :- dinner was a fiasco. I was exhausted and there wasn't a great atmosphere in the house, so I comfort ate in every sense of the word. I wish I could lie and say I had raw pasta and salad, or even soup, but the truth is I had warm tomato bread from Morrisons supermarket - just out of the oven, and a piece of fish that I stuck in the oven, along with some organic peppers and cos lettuce. Very very easy, very very satisfying, but I can't honestly say it was particularly life giving, and couple that with stress and I have to admit it wasn't my best day.
  • Juicing. Again no juicing. The carrots are rotting in the fridge ! So I can't say I don't have / can't afford the produce. Oh well Tomorrow is always another day.

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