Sunday, 18 May 2014

May Update

Just a quick update for anyone checking in on me. I have just had my bi-yearly scan and can happily report that all is still stable. I can relax and enjoy a lovely summer. I hope anyone reading this also has a delightful summer and enjoys it like it's their first and their last. squeeze the most out of it till there's nothing left,  Delight in all its aspects - rain and grey and all !! We all just have this moment. The trick is in recognising that and stopping to notice and enjoy.

For myself, I have a number of projects on the go. I have let my allotment go as I just don't have the energy. But will still be growing some veg in my raised beds here at home. I will be decluttering which is something I should have done a long time ago. I am also taking a short pattern drafting course, and am better set to try again to get a nice nighty pattern developed. Funny, but it's the summers when I really notice that my nighty is the ugliest thing ( because of my asymmetry which in this instance doesn't delight my eye .) Sorry - I just can't embrace this particular amazonian asymmetry in the mirror - or worse - my reflection in the window !! The mornings are so light in the summer I love them, but it does bring this issue to the fore. So I am picking up my drafting pencil again and am having another attempt. ( this is a small niggle. Let's keep it in perspective ! But I still think it is a solvable one. )
And finally, I hope to have learnt how to post photo's on my blog by the time the summers out. I have promised this before, so don't hold your breath. It's a part of why I stopped blogging. The other blogs are all such eye candy, and mine is less interesting and beguiling without any images. No promises, but I will try to gain this new skill !

I leave you with the wish that you and your loved ones have  health, wealth, and happiness. May you have all that is in your best interests and lack only the things which disempower you and cause you great pain.