Sunday, 8 February 2009

What's for Breakfast ?

Today , like every day, my journey begins to a healthier life. I have done enough reading to know that there are many many benefits to eating a largely raw diet. There's the vitamins, the minerals, the enzymes, and maybe there's a magic in it too. Something not yet identified under the microscope, something of life's energy. I don't feel a need to know all the specifics, but clearly a largely raw vegan diet will create an alkaline, well nourished, and oxygenated environment for my body as well as flooding it with cancer busting enzymes. I have read that having cancer is an indication that my body was/is acidic, that it was poorly nourished, and that somewhere along the way I may also have had less than optimum levels of oxygen in my body's cells. That's got to change, and has changed over the last two years. But !! There's still lots of room for iimprovement. I will be going into a little detail about all these factors in later posts. Today let's just get onto my first recipe.


2 TBSP. OATS (raw if you can find them )


1 tsp. CINNAMON ( or nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, etc. )

1 APPLE chopped



NUTS (almonds or walnuts )

Apricot kernals , ground


Soak the porridge overnight in the fridge ( if using raw oats) , otherwise use hot water in the morning. I like the creamy consistency and warm comfort of hot porridge, but nutritionally, raw is better.

Grind the flax seeds and the apricot kernals together in a coffee grinder. I found a nifty little one at lakeland plastic. I give it ten pulses and I'm done !

I mix in the cinnamon, or cloves, or nutmeg, whatever spices I'm using into the porridge. They give taste, aroma, and some contain vitamin B17, and some have anti-parasitic properties.

If using raw, cold porridge the ground seeds can be mixed in at this stage. If the porridge is hot scatter the diced/chopped apple over the top. Follow this with a sprinkling of seeds and nuts, and then sprinkle over the groound seeds.

A word about heat:

Raw food (vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains ) contains enzymes. Enzymes are also created in our bodies and are used to help break down and digest food. One reason for eating as much raw food as you can is to bring in to the body enzymes from the foods we eat. This assists the body by supplementing it's own supply. Heat destroys enzymes at temperatures exceeding 104 degrees F. So cooking above these temperatures ( and all my cooking is at much higher temperatures ! ) destroys these substances. You can see these enzymes at work in your kitchen laboratory. Try marinating fish in lemon juice. The lemon "cooks" the fish. Try pineapple on meat. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which breaks down protein. Pineapple popularly goes well with cheese, again a protein.

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