Sunday, 15 February 2009

sprouted seeds

I have decided to try making wheat grass juice. I vaguely remember being somewhere where they sold it some time in the dim and distant past - some trendy place I really can't remember. It was trendy some years ago and I wanted to know what it was all about. All I can remember is that it tasted awful !! Anyway, since my memory is so hazy and since I have been reading compelling reasons to juice it, I have decided to give it a go. I bought two packets of sprouting seeds and soaked them overnight in a jam jar of water, and then drained and rinsed them well. I then left them in my little seed sprouter - a plastic box with drainage holes - for another night or two, and then sprinkled them over compost two days ago and covered them with a black seed tray to exclude light. I've unveiled them this morning and exposed them to the light and a little fresh air. They're now sitting on my windowsill all ready to grow on. They're at that furry stage at the moment. I wonder how long it will take them to grow long enough to cut. It's surprising how maternal you can feel over a few sprouted seeds. I have cabbage and beet sprouting in a dark cupboard in my kitchen as well, and I find myself talking to the beets, who are not sprouting yet. The cabbage are showing tiny specks of life. It's very satisfying to have brought some dried up seeds to life. I also started off some radish and spicy fenugreek yesterday. What I'm having trouble with is knowing what quantities to grow. I dare say I'll learn.

Why have I only just started sprouting seeds? I actually was sprouting seeds when I finished the chemotherapy and got a little strength back. But I read that Max Gerson (of The Gerson Therapy) believed that sprouted seeds had an immature enzyme that could be harmful to cancer patients. I also read that alfalfa (if I remember correctly ) was particularly bad. So I stopped sprouting. But as I'm feeling stronger and I'm also not seeing any change in my condition I think it's time to step my nutrition up a notch. And as sprouted seeds are powerhouses just chock full of nutrients I am going to start eating them again. It's also gardening for the winter months !! It just needs a little organisation and the capacity to remember to rinse the little darlings every morning and every night. Routine is the key for me. If I can just include it in my morning routine - Essiac tea, water seedlings, make juice, make porridge. Sounds easy doesn't it !

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