Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Elixir of Life

Today's recipe is for my alkalising, super nourishing, enzyme and chlorophyll rich juice. I have adapted this juice recipe over the last year or so. I have changed the recipe and refined it , and I will continue to do so. When I started I just used carrots and apples. It was a good place to start because it tasted good, and it looked nice. I then changed the eating apple to a cooking apple,( they were falling of our trees ) and it tasted better. The sharpness in the apple and the sweetness of the carrot worked well together. I also felt great using our own organic apples. ( Have you noticed that there are NO organic baking apples in the supermarkets ?!! ) But our apples don't keep for very long and again I was changing the recipe. I started including broccoli and cabbage - widely known to contain cancer busting properties. Unfortunately, the drink created is browny green in colour which doesn't look too inviting, and is an aquired taste. My most recent recipe uses spinach or cucumber to soften the flavour, though the colour is still a little muddy. It's not Gerson's recipe, but I can't get hold of the quantity or quality of produce that his therapy requires. I hope to grow more of the vegetables he recommends in the summer, but for now my juice is determined by what's in the supermarket.

I call this drink the elixir of life because it has such life enhancing properties, and because the plants have given their life essence into the juice - just for me !! That thought makes the drink more palatable, whatever it tastes of.


carrots I use 1 kg a day at present

other vegetables as available :
you get the idea

I juice all at once in the morning, and decant it into small glass bottles and keep them in the fridge to drink through the day. I make between 1 ltr. and 1 1/2 ltrs a day. This gives me a steady stream of nutrients and ensures my body moves toward an alkaline state all day long.

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