Sunday, 15 February 2009

Get Off Your Fat Butt, Woman !!

It's a good day for a walk, but I'm tired, It's cold, and I just want to do this first. There's always a but. Do I really need to exercise ? Of course I do, and seeing as I'm taking a daily tablet of bone sapper, it's probably more important than at any time in my life. But I always have an excuse to put it off. I was thinking about it this morning and tried to figure out why, despite my knowing how important it is for my life and my body, I avoid it like the plague. Firstly, I admit it, I'm lazy. I don't like being cold, (and it is cold out there ) and I don't like being hot (and exercise and hot flushes make me hot, hot, hot, but not in a good way ! ). I think also I'm a little frightened of any exercise other than walking. What if the increased blood flow feeds the cancer ? What if the cancer makes a new blood supply ? What if the cancer spreads in the blood coursing round my body ? What if the cancer dislodges while I'm doing sit ups and flies around to somewhere else ? The only exercise I can admit to doing is walking. Walking is gentle exercise, and I don't picture anything bad happening, but it's time consuming. And I have been having a case of the guilts, tied in to my fears for the future ( I'm past the two year mark now and that's past my sell by date !! ) So the time has come to get over myself and get some kind of exercise plan together. I'm seeing someone next week who is a nutritional coach, body builder, and cancer fighter herself. I'm hoping that she will act as inspiration and guide. I suppose that is why my mind turned to why I don't exercise. Let's face it, the subject is bound to come up, and it's the biggest omission in my strategy so far. But, I find it really hard making a commitment. It's my birthday on Tuesday, so by the end of this week I will have a new strategy in place and I will be exercising. Stay tuned for my updates.

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