Tuesday, 31 January 2012


It has been some time since I posted regularly. This is largely because writing to my blog takes time. It also requires me to hunch over a computer and gives me bad posture and poor breathing,  I also seem to have computer problems as soon as I start to use the darn thing regularly. I'm typing this on my husband's laptop on a coffee table. It's a frustrating process because the keyboard has a funny square which has gadgets included and I get all kinds of things happening when I try to use it. It moves my words to different places in the text without  my being aware of  having done anything. It's too clever for its own good, and it leaves out letters that my fingers think I've typed, and includes ones I never meant to press. I spend ages searching for where the cursor has jumped, and then have to thoroughly proof read the final product. But as I would like to start blogging again I'll tough it out. Do I have anything to post about ? We'll find out !!

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