Monday, 10 May 2010

A New Challenge

I have just given my first demonstration of juicing, and healthy recipe making to a small group of women, hand selected by my friend who teaches and demonstrates flower arranging and floristry techniques. And it seemed to go well. So well that they have asked me to come back and teach them in a series of 2 hourly sessions. The drinks and recipes I demonstrated on the day are as follows :-

  1. a power packed porridge
  2. wheatgrass and apple juice
  3. apple and beetroot juice
  4. a virgin mary
  5. a really good vegetable juice - recipe by Nigel Slater
  6. a mango smoothie
  7. a mango sorbet
  8. a green smoothie
  9. a quick almond nut milk
  10. a courgette hummus.
  11. courgette pasta
  12. sprouting seeds

For lunch I prepared and served :-

  1. Celeriac, carrot, and pepper salad with nut mayonaise
  2. cauliflower cous cous
  3. quinoa salad
  4. green salad with raspberries
  5. a nut "feta" cheese
  6. lentil pate
  7. mushroom pate
  8. assorted sprouted seeds
  9. no wheat mixed seed bread
  10. sesame "raw" crackers

My friend has encouraged me to do some cookery classes, and expand on the day in 2 hourly chunks which I have agreed to . And I have suggested a healthy eating club similar to a book club, where we share healthy recipes and ideas. I'll just have to see what develops and take it one step at a time. I'm just pleased the day went well. I can't remember what I said, and the demonstrations are hazy in my mind. I was understandably nervous. But the feedback was very positive and I had a great day.

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